Challenged by action


I’m glad I am taking the time to go through seminary. It’s a chance to ask the big “God questions” before someone else asks me. It gives me the time and tools to consider what I really believe. It gives me a background and perspective on the Bible that enriches my ability to follow God and to lead and teach others.

But sometimes it’s … so … draining. If you’re not careful, it can become completely removed from any sort of “real life” or any sort of real application. “Faith” can become something that’s all in your head – not something that’s believed with your heart and emotions or your feet and actions.

That’s why I love hearing stories like Aaron‘s. He’s a guy I kind of worked with at NorthWood. He’s working in a group called Intentional Communities in Fort Worth and headed out to Las Vegas. God’s using him to do some awesome stuff. Here’s a little of what he has to say. Take some time to read a few of the stories linked below.

There are guys in the “emerging/organic/simple/house church” movement who are somewhat disenfranchised with the church as an institution. Many of them have taken up a new hobby of bad mouthing the church that doesn’t look like theirs, which happens to meet in a living room. This is a terrible approach. Not only does this cause even more division among the body of Christ, it is arrogant and prideful. Philippians chapter 2 speaks of a unification that occurs through humility. Thinking that I’m right and everyone else is wrong is not humility, and cannot birth unity. The issue is not a debate between who is right and who is wrong. Too often in the church time is wasted arguing and discussing who’s right about this and that, who does church “right”, who’s doctrine is correct, etc. I wonder if the Lord isn’t thinking to Himself, “man, they just don’t get it…I thought I made it pretty clear in my word that their purpose is to glorify me, and become more like me.”

Knowing is great, but Jesus’ main call was simply, “follow me.” I want to follow Jesus

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