Monday Morning Links: Christianity on CNN and Leadership

Just a few things that caught my eye this morning…

> Ed Stetzer was interviewed on CNN recently about some of the research he’s done on unchurched folks’ opinions about Christians. Here’s a clip.

> John Moore of Brand Autopsy posts a great quote from Tom Peters on how leaders are rarely the best performers. It’s encouraging, because I find myself in the place often where I’m more passionate and gifted at helping other people find their fit and succeed in a role than I would be at doing that role myself. I care more about the equipping, vision, and people side of it. Sure, we need to be competent and ready to do that same work, but leadership is a different gift that is worth focusing on…

One response to “Monday Morning Links: Christianity on CNN and Leadership”

  1. Thanks for the post Jon… That was helpful… I have been reading some Stetzer and will look forward to future dialogues with you about this subject.

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