Catch some behind-the-scenes interviews on church planting and more

For those of you who may not follow some of the big blogs that are involved in it, Rick Warren is hosting a summit for a select group of pastors, and a group of bloggers has been busy live-streaming interviews all day. I just watched an interview with Rick McKinley and Bob Roberts – two guys I really respect for how they’re actually engaging the culture around them and the world. As a church we’re getting better at talking missional, but it’s great to hear some stories from some folks who are actually doing it.

Oh, and don’t tell my wife, but I’m about to order three books because Bob recommended them.

They’ll just have to sit on the shelf for a little while, but I’m excited to dig into some brain-stretching thoughts on how we can engage the world in a global society.

If you want to check it out, the interview is here. Seriously. If you’re interested in church planting or what it means for a church to step outside of it’s walls, this is a good place to learn a little about missional thinking, global engagement, and finding mentors.

The live stream is here with links to all of today’s interviews. There are a lot of big names – Perry Noble, Nelson Searcy, Mark Batterson, Kerri Shook, Mark Driscoll and more…

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