Thursday reflections for week four

Much of church history ignored what Jesus did within culture.

What happens when we look at Jesus as a missionary? We see both his message and his method.

His message was the Kingdom of God. He announced it. He inaugurated it. He embodied it through sayings and actions. The rule and reign of God was breaking in.

NT Wright said that Jesus is also our model for interaction with culture. Our goal should be to establish alternative communities within the powers to embody and point to the Kingdom.

Jesus came in a way that was known. He spoke in similar stories. He filled traditional roles. But he broke with expectations every step of the way. He made the wrong people win in his stories. He flipped the roles around. Both Jesus’ message and method broke with tradition.

We’re called to live out Jesus’ model. In each part of life, we should prayerfully seek how we can establish a Kingdom culture within the existing culture. Bring out the life-giving traits. Over time, challenge and change the things that are not life-giving.

Jesus was a missionary. We’ve got to follow his path.

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