Two people sharing life

In Donald Miller’s most recent book, he shares a priceless thought about marriage. I don’t remember if it’s a thought from him or someone else. Check page 205/206 and see for yourself. But the general thought was that marriage just involves a guy and a girl. Normal, regular people. It won’t solve any of your problems. More than … Continue reading Two people sharing life

Leaders see the good

Some people have a gift for seeing what needs to be improved in an organization or group. I tend to see ways to change things fairly quickly. But one thing I’m learning is that the best leaders are also great encouragers. They can see the strengths of others and draw them out. They cast a … Continue reading Leaders see the good

God & pain

I’ve been thinking about Steven Curtis Chapman and his family today. My heart is so saddened at the loss of his 5-year-old daughter, Maria. It’s odd to feel pain for a family you don’t even know, but I guess music can form a connection, too. In fact, a song of Steven’s helped me walk through … Continue reading God & pain