Don’t chase other people’s calls

5 thoughts on “Don’t chase other people’s calls”

  1. Jon,

    Great thoughts man. I heard Louie Giglio talk about how he had seen a guy at a Willow Creek conference walking on Willow’s stage, taking measurements, and writing them down. Louie’s comment was “If you’re going to build a Willow Creek, your name better be Bill Hybels.” His point was similar to yours – that it’s dangerous and damaging to pursue someone else’s call.

    Man, I hope that my ministry is just like Louie’s – what a guy!

    Just kidding. Definitely great things to think about, though. Good post!

  2. “the technique shouldn’t be the armor I use to cover a withered body.”

    the 1st time i read this line i was confused.
    the 2nd time i read this line i understood it.
    the 3rd time i read I loved it’s wisdom.

    great post jon! your totally on here.

  3. “We need to be healthy – to have a clear call and move forward in GOD first.” . . . That’s a line that really speaks to me . . .

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