Life starts now

I recently dropped a class. The reason? I was headed toward major overload. Between work at church, work as a community coordinator, five different classes, time with friends and family, and time to do things like eat and shower, it just wasn’t all going to fit.

For the first time in a long time I realized I had hit my limit. It wasn’t worth it. During it all, three words kept going through my mind from a post I wrote last year: Life starts now. Here’s a part of it:

A lot of life has felt like it’s just preparing me for that next thing. It’s easy to think that things will start clicking or big things will happen at that “next stage.” Even now, in seminary, it’s easy to think that life and ministry will all start once I’m out. That leads to a temptation to rush through, get it done and move on. But time and again I hear God say, “life starts now.”

What does that mean? It’s not about waiting for that next big thing. This time – right now – matters for relationships, ministry and more. God’s at work. We can be a part – today.

It’s easy to rush through current circumstances to get to the next thing. But I’m learning that this – right here and now – matters. This is life, and if it means saying “no” to a few things to really live it, it’s worth it.

One response to “Life starts now”

  1. I’m glad you dropped your class. As a person who “makes it happen” I am convinced you made a neccesary decision and a wise one.

    I’m proud of you…who needs that stinkin’ class anyways!

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