Rest well (again)

I wrote a post a year ago (ok, exactly a year ago – didn’t realize that – a little crazy), that I’ve thought about frequently since then. I always meant to follow up on it. It was about the importance of resting well – not filling your time with useless stuff but really resting in ways that are restful.

I talked about the concept, but a few people asked me about examples of how I rest well.

I never responded.

Truth is, I don’t think I knew.

But recently I’ve had some more thoughts. And I’ll share them in the next few days.

But for now, here’s the original post that started it off:

Who says resolutions are just for new years? I have a new one. I came to it roughly two minutes ago. Here it is: Rest well. (Yeah, it’s the title of this post. Anticlimactic? Maybe…)

Here’s the deal. Life is busy. For me, it’s busier than it really should be, but there’s not much I can do for this season except sit back and enjoy the ride. But busy lives can lead to being tired, stressed and all around filled with that feeling of “blah.” To top it off, it’s easy to fill free time with things that don’t really help. From mindless putzing online to “kind of” getting things done. They aren’t really productive, but they aren’t really restful either.

So my goal is to pick a few “restful” things I really love doing and focus on those in that downtime. Even plan for them. It moves more toward the “work hard, play hard” mindset rather than the “kinda get through life doing whatever’s most immediate” one that most of us tend to work off of.

What do you think? What are those things you’d do to “rest well”?

One response to “Rest well (again)”

  1. i can’t wait until febrauary 2010 to read more of your thoughts on the topic 🙂

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