God & pain

I’ve been thinking about Steven Curtis Chapman and his family today. My heart is so saddened at the loss of his 5-year-old daughter, Maria.

It’s odd to feel pain for a family you don’t even know, but I guess music can form a connection, too. In fact, a song of Steven’s helped me walk through difficult times (a version of it is below).

I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a kid. I just can’t. All I can do is pray that God will be with the family as they move forward in the upcoming days/months/years.

Here’s a site about Maria the family set up.

2 responses to “God & pain”

  1. Very well said. I’ve felt that same pain today.

    No family should have to go through this. But, I’m confident THIS family will find a way to glorify God as they heal.

    And I LOVE the “Washing Dishes” song. I want to be a dad like that one day.

  2. mary beth sampson

    Just got out of meetings in Austin today–had not heard about this. I cannot imagine the grief.

    I read years ago that the death of a child is one thing that as humans we just don’t ever even allow ourselves to imagine–to contemplate–and therefore we have no subconcious preparation like we do for other deaths. The article gave examples such as–we know that the natural order is for parents to precede children in death–so as we comfort and minister to others when a parent dies, we are also subconsciously preparing ourselves for how we will handle it when death happens to our parent(s). In contrast, the pain at even the thought of the death of a child is so great–we flee from the thought and never even allow ourselves to contemplate dealing with the situation.

    The family is definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

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