Random Thoughts

  • 4 Maccabees is a weird book. Hope that doesn’t offend anyone. But it is.
  • It’s easy to take life too seriously. If everything’s a big deal, then nothing is. I’m constantly having to learn to let some things go and just relax.
  • Been thinking a lot about the tension between absorbing and producing. That may not make sense, but I’ll be blogging about it later. Probably won’t even make sense then :).
  • The more I learn about Jesus, the more I learn that “stuff” just doesn’t matter. The less we have, the happier we’ll be. But honestly, there’s still that part of me that just wants a nice, big house, nice stuff, and comfort. I don’t always know what to do with that part of me.
  • Got Craig Groeschel’s new book in the mail yesterday. I’ll be writing more about it soon.
  • Found a couple online today who blogs their whole relationship. Videos of conversations, thoughts about arguments, etc. I’ll be writing more about this, but what does this online component of people’s lives mean for leadership? We talk about being “real” and “authentic” with people, but most leaders are still fairly guarded about personal faults. Most churches still make a lot of decisions behind the scenes. Does this open, online component change things? Is it just a fad and a mistake people will regret? Or are we jumping into a new time?

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