Culturally relevant. Theologically sound.

Another post that isn’t related to class, but really is related in a number of ways…

Read this from Dave‘s blog:

Part of me is concerned that I might spend three years of my life communicating in a language that is foreign to any ministry setting that I would want to be a part of.  I need to be active in trying to always understand how what I’m learning is applicable/relevant to someone who isn’t interested in academia or hearing a quasi-academic response.

It’s part of his reflections on seminary, and I’m sticking it here because it’s something I think about a lot. The reason I came to seminary was so I could think about the tough spiritual questions before I was asked them as a pastor. I want theological knowledge to help me connect people to Christ. The flip side is that it’s easy to be come comfortable with insider language and hide behind heady knowledge. That’s why I think a seminary education has to be incorporated with a practical side – doing the things you’re learning about. For me, that means it’s important to be serving in a church and finding ways to connect with people who have nothing to do with church. Doing both is a challenge, especially with the demands of seminary, relationships, work, and life, but it’s so important.

It’s ok to be passionate about theology and how church should work. For me, it’s something God has put on my heart and I should use that. But that passion shouldn’t overshadow a love for God and a love for people – especially those in need physically and spiritually.

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