Tuesday reflection for week seven

Through all of the topics and conversations, everything seems to come back to a basic point*. Will the church be attractional or missional?

Looking at the rise and fall of the Nine O’clock Service in England shows a model that, while very missional in the sense that they wanted to understand the culture and remove the cultural barriers of church, there was still an expectation that people would come to church. It worked but then fell because of the moral failings of its leader.

I believe, though, that a healthier model is gaining prominence. Attractional churches will always exist in one way or another. People will always hope Christians (and maybe non-Christians) will show up and hear the message. But more and more people are realizing they must be the church. People aren’t seeking out Christianity like they did at one time. A form of the Christian religion may exist as a political tool, but for the message of Christ to spread in the United States again, it must be lived out within small communities that commit to serve each other and the world.

Ideally, I’d love to see collaboration between the mega churches and house churches. A network of shared resources could be an amazing thing. Hey, it’s possible…
*Yes, there are many other great points being made in class about how to engage society and how to serve and work from the bottom up like Jesus did. But in terms of the corporate body of believers, it comes back to the one point above…

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  1. I really like the new look of this blog.

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