Tuesday reflections for week nine

No one viewpoint

The more we study different frames of reference and different ways of viewing the world, the more I’m struck by the way there really is no one “best” way to see it all. Relationships are “messy” – they cannot be controlled or figured out fully. In the same way, looking at culture – and figuring out how to respond to culture – is messy. It’s always changing and will always change.

Ministering within a culture takes the intentionality of seeking where God is leading today and being willing to change. That’s why programs are challenging. We want to make ideas into programs so they can be reproduced and others can lead, but a program is stuck in time. It doesn’t grow.

The best leadership training teaches people to think. It gives them a value system to run with and trusts them to discern and God to lead. But that’s more difficult. We have to trust people. And sometimes people aren’t willing to take that risk.

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