Tuesday reflections for week ten

Do a lot of the new tendencies and trends of today just stem from having time or money?

Think about it. A lot of the things our “postmodern” culture values – from organic foods to nice design – are only accessible to the people who have the money to afford them and the time to care about them. It’s easy to dislike McDonald’s for their low quality food or Wal-Mart for their labor practices, but for a large part of the population, those thoughts never cross their minds. They’re just excited to have a place to shop (or even work) that has everything they need at cheap prices. They’re just happy to have an inexpensive place to take the baseball team to eat after practice.

It’s not that it’s best by any means. But it’s a reality we have to face – especially if those organizations have values we feel need to be transformed. To just antagonize them doesn’t bring change. In fact, it alienates you from a large percentage of the population.

Culture is changing. Many people see the Wal-Marts and McDonalds in a different light. But there are still plenty of people living in a different paradigm.

It’s an interesting thought to consider…

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