Seminary recall

Before my next quarter at Fuller starts, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the first one…

  • I’ve heard people say things like “Don’t let ministry take your eyes off of God.” The more I’m in the “ministry” world, the more I see how important that statement is.
  • In whatever you do, you’ve got to know what drives you. Ministry can be a powerful, amazing thing, or it can become administrative office work and esoteric theological arguments. What are you focusing on that is a calling – that gives you energy? For me, it really is seeing lives transformed – for the unchurched and dechurched to see the relevance, power and reality of who Christ is and what he’s done. For people in church to realize what Christ’s life really means for theirs. To see the body of Christ mobilized to make a transformative difference in the world around them.
  • Fuller is a great place to learn about ministry, theology and life. I think the power of seminary is the chance to ask the theological questions before someone else asks you. It gives you a chance to explore things you may not have even considered before. The diversity of people and backgrounds at Fuller, along with the quality of the professors, makes this an ideal place to do this.
  • I love Southern California! There’s so much to do – and you can’t beat the weather!
  • In college I started feeling called to church planting. Over time the way that church would look and what it would value has changed and grown. NorthWood Church played a big role in that shaping. Fuller is playing another.
  • Life takes patience. After 7 years in Fort Worth, it’s easy to think you’ll jump into a new place and immediately have the same type of relationships and friendships. But it just doesn’t happen that way. We’ve loved meeting new people and have had a lot of fun. But God’s also teaching me some great lessons about reaching out, being persistent, and being patient.
  • Nothing about my classes yet? Well, I’ve enjoyed them all, and I feel like they’ve been top notch. But the value of what I’m doing is in a mix between the classes, the relationships we’re developing, and the actual ministry “stuff” that’s happening at Glenkirk. It’s a great total picture and a great chance to do and learn at the same time.

One response to “Seminary recall”

  1. who was it that said everybody longs for three things: transendence, commmunity, and purpose. I feel like it was some christian author or something like that.

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