On cultural change

Mark Batterson just posted some solid thoughts on cultural shifts at his blog. Here’s a part of it, but the whole post is worth a read.

Here are some off the cuff thoughts on cultural shifts. These aren’t prescriptive. They are descriptive. Some are good. Some not so good.1) Incarnation is more important than Explanation
2) Authenticity is more important than Perfection
3) Context is more important than Text
4) Paradoxy is more important than Orthodoxy
5) Experience is more important than Expertise

I think those five cultural realities shape the way we lead. Leaders need to be: incarnational, authentic, contextual, paradoxical, and experiential.

He goes on to say:

The church is subject to what I’d call Creative Inflation. We’re surrounded by a rising tide of creativity in the retail world. And it’s upping the creative ante! I really believe that the future belongs to right-brain leaders who do ministry out of imagination. There are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet. The church needs to celebrate innovators who lead the way.

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