Isn’t She Beautiful?

Joshua Longbrake posted some of his notes from Mars Hill’s Isn’t She Beautiful? conference. It looks like a good snapshot of the event.


+the art of space

//”get in the boat.” _Jesus to His disciples
//Jesus was constantly getting away. sitting by a lake. praying on a mountain side. in a boat. people would be saying stay! stay! we have more people who need healing! but He’d just say nope. I’ve gotta go. sabbath is absolutely essential. creating space for yourself is vital to living.

+the art of risk

//be willing to fail. and fail. and fail. the fear to fail is the fear to try. the church has become obsessed with putting on the perfect show for the world. there’s no risk. everything is safe. Jesus is not safe. christianity can be (read:is) messy and hard and vulnerable. there’s risk in allowing ourselves to try, to create, to invite. i’d rather fail than be safe.

Want more? Go here. While you’re there, check out the rest of his blog. It’s a good read. I love his authenticity and storytelling.

::Want more notes? Others are posting as well. Try this site or just do a Google search.::

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