20-somethings and church

One of my passions right now is 20-something ministry. The church I work at has some great things happening for a lot of age groups, but those people who are post-college but pre-kid seem to disappear. I don’t think they need another program to be a part of, but they (we) do need a place to live out God’s call on their lives in community.

So over the next week or two I’ll be blogging a few ideas I have for what that might look like. Maybe it’ll help me get a more concrete direction and a little feedback from you …

3 responses to “20-somethings and church”

  1. i’ve also thought about this subject recently as we’ve been looking for a church home. i think that, especially in christian circles, the 20’s w/ no kiddos are easily overlooked in small group ministry…i mean, if you’re married and a christian why aren’t you popping out babies?

  2. I’m at the same place in my church right now. Our 20 Something group consists of 6 people (in a church of 150). Two of the women still live at home (22 and 26), 2 are roomates who live in a friends garage (both 25), and my wife and I (both 26).
    Our youth group consists of several 19 and 20 year-olds because they fear leaving the youth group and don’t like the next group to move on to (who can blame them). When we get together, it always focuses on food and games and lacks any meaningful conversation or growth.
    I want to start a group that draws people who want to create meaningful relationships. Rather than being an afterthought, the 20 Something group should be a place that helps college and post-college people stay strong in their faith.
    I recently moved and left a church that had a great 20 Something group. They meet weekly with a full worship service and used video cirriculum to inspire deeper relationships with God. Outside of the weekly service, they had numerous social activities each week. It gave me a roadmap of how I want to set up a group in my new church. I also scour the internet for 20 Something church group’s websites to gain more ideas (how I found this blog).

  3. Thanks Kim and Ryan for your thoughts! I’m excited to see what happens as we pursue this area. It’s so important…

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