Having patience and creepy kids’ songs

Isn’t it crazy what parts of our childhoods stick with us? When Grete was growing up, she was given a record (I think it was a group called Music Machine) that had little “Christianey” songs for kids on it. One of the songs had a snail singing about patience.

That was a long time ago. But it’s a song I hear often. She kindly reminds me to “have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurry…”

Well, last night I was singing it to her, and she insisted I was singing it wrong. So, after a quick Google search, she found a recording of it. For the first time I heard the original.

You can hear it here. Honestly, the voice is a little creepy. I don’t know if I’d have wanted that voice in my head as an elementary schooler…

10 responses to “Having patience and creepy kids’ songs”

  1. i too know this song…and yea, it’s a wee-bit creepy.

  2. RC, didn’t you and Grete also know similar cartoons growing up? Are you SURE you aren’t siblings??

  3. This record was given to Grete by her grandparents and creepy as the little voice may be…the message stuck in her head. Not that she lives by that message but at least its there……..

  4. Timothy loves that song and we sing it to him often. Brian too was raise with the tape and now we have the cd for the children. However, Timothy likes his other christian kids cd’s a lot more since they have more grown up songs that he gets to sing in Children’s Church.

  5. i didn’t know about this song until i read your post…i must say that i’ve noticed that you get the most comments on your post when you write about grete 🙂

  6. Kim – I know! Maybe I should just dedicate my blog to stories about Grete. Apparently that’s the interesting part 🙂

  7. well, it’s not the voice of the entire song. It’s only Hebert’s father’s voice which was slower than the other voices in the song because he’s a snail.
    Yeah, it’s stuck with me too.

  8. i dunno bout anyone else but…the voice kinda reminds me of sebastian the crab from the little mermaid
    like an older version of sebastian

  9. OH MY GOSH! That is so funny I remember this song and LOVED it as a kid. That was so much fun hearing it again. Thanks for posting it!!

  10. During my frequent time out sessions as a young one – I was forced to listen to this (and others). I clearly remember hating it… I think I’d have rather been waterboarded. Though the message is true-the sound of that snail, while I was enraged, was only exacerbating.

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