Thursday linkage: taking off, purple cows, and feeling alone

So Thursday linkage was going to be a regular thing. But I’m late. And today is Saturday, which means it’s time for some belated Thursday links!

+ We live in a weird media world when this pastor can become a top search on Technorati. But I like learning from people who are running hard, and he has some good things to say here. “Don’t you think every mammoth concept was downright laughable until it was a reality? Inherent in any vision that has the possibility of really taking off is the possibility of really tanking, right?”

+ Seth Godin retells the story of how he promoted his book, Purple Cow. Seth consistently blows me away with his creativity. He seems to instinctively know how to connect with a group and say the exact thing they need to hear to inspire them to act. Take this ending to a Fast Company article about this book, for example: “If you want a copy of Seth’s new book for free, send $5 to cover shipping and handling and if there’s any left, he’ll send you one.” It just oozes cool. I don’t need you to buy this, but if you want to get in on something special, here’s your chance.

+ A good buddy of mine talks about Craig Groeschel’s book, Confessions of a Pastor, and how we all struggle to feel connected.

+ Drew Goodmanson writes about how the language we use to welcome people at church may actually seem self-centered. His whole blog is great – worth checking out.

+ And finally, you’ve got to check out this Apple ad from the UK.

One response to “Thursday linkage: taking off, purple cows, and feeling alone”

  1. i had never heard of steven until i reviewed your linkage…i’d go to that easter egg drop.

    in the “village” we live in, they are holding there own egg hunt, but since the “village” is putting it on it is called…

    “just an egg hunt.”

    touching isn’t it?

    Thanks for the linkage.

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