Weekend reading: Atheism, space, and Vietnamese art

I have a lot I want to write about, but until I do, here are a few things other people are saying that stood out this week …

+ Rick Warren and Sam Harris talk about Christianity and religion in Newsweek. It’s a great conversation worth reading.

+ Ryan Bolger talks about how our concept of “space” is changing, and what some possible implications could be for church and missions.

As Christian leaders, we spend the bulk of our time thinking about serving those with whom we share physical space. However, if physically proximate space is the only sphere in which we think missiologically, we might leave much of our social world untouched and ‘secular’

+ Becoming Missional linked to an article from CNN about people using their vacations for volunteer work. Christian or not, people want to serve. Let’s give them the chance!

+ Presentation Zen has a good run down on Barry Schwartz’s ideas about the “paradox of choice” – the idea that the more options we have, the less likely we are to make a decision or be satisfied about the decision we make. You can read the book, or you can check out his post (complete with some video links).

+ And finally, when Grete and I were in Vietnam last summer, we saw some of the art of Dao Hai Phong in some of the art galleries. We love his style. So now you get to experience it.

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