Just two more: Relevance and mission

I just can’t stop! Two more posts worth reading. That’s it. Promise.

+ Bob Hyatt talks about a post from Alan Hirsch on the “missional vs. attractional” approaches.

An attractional church is one whose primary stance towards those it seeks to reach is couched in the expectation of a come-to-us mentality. And this expectation as it plays out in the US, Europe, Australia, etc. was basically formed in a time in history where the church had a central position in the culture and people naturally came to church to be cared for, to hear the gospel, and to participate in the community life. The problem is that adopting such a mode is at the cost of fundamentally altering our understanding of ourselves as a ‘sent’ people. …A ‘sent people’ no matter how you configure it implies a going of sorts. And when combined with the other primary theological metaphor in the bible of how God reaches the nations, namely the Incarnation, it clashes head-on with the primary expectation built into attractional forms of church. Hence the conflict–they are basically two different conceptions of church vying for our loyalty in our day.

But another ambiguity can be explained by saying that while a more missionally defined church moves from a come-to-us mentality to a go-to-them mentality, nonetheless all expressions of church should be attractive. That is, we should always be culturally compelling. Don’t mistake not being attractional for not being attractive.

(Alan’s words)

+ Carlos Whittaker talks about being relevant verses being pretentious.

And at the end of my relevant day, reading my relevant rag, working my relevant job, why do I feel more irrelevant than I did the day before?Then it hit me. Because of my age, because of my place in life, because of my *cool church*, I feel like I am more “relevant” than those around me. Almost to a fault. I get all cocky and crap. And that is not relevant at all. That is pretty arrogant.

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  1. Thanks Anne! Glad you made it…

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