Catch up with Julia and Jennifer!

Grete got a little letter in the mail yesterday I just have to share. Here’s some of the text.

It seems life is more hectic than ever. When you finally manage to wind down, the time is often fleeting. A quick manicure on your way home from work. A phone call to your best friend between errands.

Well, you deserve more time to yourself than these fleeting moments – and we wnat to treat you to the relaxation remedy you need …


Once a week for 4 weeks.
The perfect therapy for your mind, heart, and soul.

Steal moments with George Clooney or Patrick Dempsey over your morning coffee. While dinner’s in the oven, treat yourself to the photo spreads in Star Tracks … the celebrity tidbits in Chatter … the glamour of Style Watch … or the newsworthy stories of regular people who inspire us.

Then, for an afternoon of pure bliss, curl up in your favorite armchair and catch up with friends old and new – like Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston.

The quiet moments you spend with PEOPLE
are yours to savor all month long.

Wow. I know our ideas of space are changing, but we really like to pretend we have close, real relationships with celebrities, don’t we?

One response to “Catch up with Julia and Jennifer!”

  1. you mean julia roberts and jennifer aniston aren’t my best friends? and patrick dempsey is not my fantasy lover? DANGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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