Starbucks challenges and church life

4 thoughts on “Starbucks challenges and church life”

  1. Jon … thanks for the link love to some of the articles I have written on/about Starbucks. The biggest lesson I think any business (or church) can learn from Starbucks is the idea of BEING THE BEST, NOT THE BIGGEST. Starbucks used to be motivated by being the best coffee retailer. Now, it seems like they are more motivated by being the biggest coffee retailer. Bigness can be (and should be) a by-product of being the best. Dig?

  2. Thanks for the thoughts, John. I’m glad you stopped by. It’s great to get your perspective.

    The challenge, then, for churches is to determine what it is we’re supposed to do best. Is it the best Sunday service? The best hospitality? The best children’s ministry? The best as serving the community? The best at building community inside the church?

    The end result for Starbucks is clear: sell coffee and promote word of mouth. For church, the goal is really lives that are transformed because of what God is doing and has done. That’s more difficult to quantify – but that shouldn’t be an excuse for not seeking to do the parts well.

    Ideally, something like following the teachings of Christ isn’t a product, but in communicating this truth we’re in competition with every other “message” people are trying to share. So … maybe … that communication point is where best matters most.

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