Without vision …

I can’t get the verse that says without vision, the people cast off restraint (or are discouraged) out of my mind. Actually, in my mind it’s “without vision, the people perish” (still not sure what translation that is).

Here’s the thing. It’s true. We need direction, a goal, a picture to work towards. We need to see a picture of what can be that’s beyond merely tweaking what is.

But for me, right now the need for vision means the need for prayer. I’ve got plenty of vision. But it’s got to be God’s vision for our ministry. Not mine. Not ours. God’s. As we pray, he’ll provide that.

Know what’s interesting? There’s a second part to that proverb that doesn’t get quoted as much. “But blessed is he who keeps the law.” Seems to me like God agrees! We talk about vision as an “us” thing (given by God, of course.). What’s our vision for this ministry? What’s this leader’s vision? But here, it’s completely a God thing. Some Bibles translate that word vision as revelation. Through God’s word and prayer, God will show us what’s next for a ministry, for our families, for our lives.

It’s easy to rely on ourselves for a vision or a plan, but we should always step back and see what God has in mind.

One response to “Without vision …”

  1. Interesting…i think about that verse a lot recently (for various reasons) but still meddle in my mind with what is the appropriate application for the verse…but i haven’t taken the time to actually look it up and see it’s complete context, even within the verse!


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