Missional linkage: on Jesus and dressing up the gospel

+ Alan Hirsch on Jesus:

And then I come to that quintessential saying of Jesus in John 14:6“I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” And I realize afresh that this is exactly how I experience my connection with God—as a relationship mediated through my savior Jesus. This text is all about mediation; “I am the Way” describing Jesus in his mediatorial role between God and humanity; as the Truth he is the mediator of the revelation of God, and as the Life he is the mediator of the salvation which is life in God.

In spite of all the exclusivity bound up in this saying, I not only believe this to be true cognitively, and confessionally, but I feel the truth of this verse with my very bones. And in a strange way, I have known this long before I began to truly follow Jesus. It is as he says it is. He is the Way.

And it is from here we get our missional agenda.

Alan and Michael Frost are working on a book on missional Christology. Should be some good stuff. Some people claim that people leaning toward the emergent streams of Christianity loose a lot of the importance of Christ. I love what Alan shares here.

+ Steve Cohen talks about an experience in junior high and how we feel the need to “sell” the gospel …

It strikes me now, as someone who’s done youth ministry for a while now, that Mr. Boom (Chica-boom) was trying to be relevant to the kids in that room. That he was trying to open us up to the gospel by getting us to participate with him in that bit of lyrical gymnastics. He was trying to sell our faith to us… but we weren’t buying.

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