Easter thoughts …

I’m a little behind the ball on this one, but I wanted to post a few post-Easter thoughts anyway. They aren’t super spiritual. If you’re looking for that, email me. I’ll tell you which blogs you should be reading :).

  • Nothing really compares to the energy and feel of a church on Easter. There are new faces, a busyness everywhere. I love it.
  •  Our small group met on Easter. At first we thought we might cancel (people are busy, etc.), but then reconsidered. After all – it’s Easter! After all that, nine out of 12 people showed up!
  • Grete hid eggs for me around the house. She had to help me find them. I wouldn’t be a good kid.
  • I thought Thanksgiving was all about food. Apparently Easter is too. Between a couple of different events on Sunday, I think I’m still full.

2 responses to “Easter thoughts …”

  1. Yay for eating lots of food on Easter! And for all the sweets that are now in our pantry. 🙂

    (You were good at finding those eggs, Jon – I just did the “hot” and “cold” game because I was anxious for you to get to them!)

  2. Ah, we indoctrinated her well…Jesus and egg hunts…you’ll get better with practice, Jon…Grete has 25 years of hunting on you…

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