Virginia Tech


When I first heard about the shootings yesterday at Virginia Tech, it wasn’t real. It was too distant. Too outrageous. Too big.

But hearing the names of the victims – the students, the professors, the RA – and thinking of the hopes and dreams that were shattered absolutely breaks my heart.

There’s no “good” response to this. But I’m just asking God to show up in the lives of those impacted by this tragedy. At the right time. In the right way. I’m praying that the local church can be a source of hope, provision, support, and love right now. That even though life doesn’t make sense, that God’s presence could be seen.

When horrible things happen, it’s tempting to provide lots of answers or to just ask questions. I wish I could be there to just be present with people who are hurting. I’m praying for strength, wisdom and discernment for those who are.

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