Quick thoughts: Preaching and leading in truth

“The worse thing a leader (preacher) can do is give people what they want.  If I give my kids what they want they will eat nine corn dogs for dinner, be unhealthy, go off to school, flunk out, live in our basement and eat Lucky Charms for lunch while playing HALO and typing on their blog.  My kids need TRUTH, to give them what they want would hurt them!”

Clayton King, NewSpring Church teaching pastor [source]

Agree? Disagree? What to add a “but what about this”? Comment below!

3 responses to “Quick thoughts: Preaching and leading in truth”

  1. but:

    if i give them what they need in proper doses, eventually they will want what they need…

  2. I don´t agree. It represents a wrong kind of relationship in the christian fellowship. I dismiss the leader – led, father – children types. Jesus said we are all siblings and should behave according to that.

  3. Hmmm . . .sounds like the way God often deals with us . . .if He gave us all what we thought we wanted . . .the world would certainly be chaotic . . .

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