A Schleiemacharian weekend

It’s been silent around here because it’s been a busy past few days! Here are a few highlights …

  • Finished a paper on Friedrich Schleiemacher (That’s what’s consumed most of the time). He was a German theologian whose influence on “liberal Protestantism” is still seen today. He’s also a tough read. And I still have to look it up each time I try to spell his name.
  • Visited the Alpha course they’re doing at church. We’re trying to help some of the groups that have formed continue on as groups once the course is over. I’ve actually never been through Alpha before, but was impressed with how the format worked for a lot of the people there. Teaching on video is becoming more and more “normal,” isn’t it?
  • Got LOST. This is Grete and my first season to watch LOST, and we’ve had a great time watching it with some neighbors. Last night’s show was awesome! I still have no idea what’s happening. But I’ve never had this much fun being confused.

So, all that to say that things should be picking up here again. I have a few posts I’m looking forward to “getting on paper!”

2 responses to “A Schleiemacharian weekend”

  1. I went through the Alpha Course at our church and while I learned some things, it seemed like it was more for new Christians…does that make sense? It seemed elementary…like stuff I had already considered and I wanted more meat. Then we did Disciple classes…I had a group that lasted four years come out of that! Fantastic and life changing. Miss you guys.

  2. how exactly does the I before E rule work in a last name like that?

    also…kim & i have watched the 1st two seasons of lost…i’m sure you’ll enjoy it (the story is certainly not nearly as tight as 24’s, but still a fun serial drama).

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