5 thoughts on “Dang letters and numbers

  1. Just to pull you back from the ledge 🙂 – sometimes it’s your screen – again and again means that a lighter and lighter one comes until finally you can see to type them in. Unless you’re dyslexic – then, good luck with that.

  2. I can’t do them either. I usually get the first ten wrong until I get a dumb people word like “DOG” or “CAT.” I’m always amazed if people can get those the first time.

  3. See, it’s good to know I’m not alone :). Sometimes they’re nearly impossible to read, but other times I just get going and my fingers must end up with some odd combos. I’ll even double check ’em and still get them wrong. I may start an “I won’t comment on your blog or buy your product because it takes too much brain power” support group.

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