More on “cool”

After writing yesterday about the lure of “cool,” I received an article in my in-box from Catalyst that talks about the same thing. (I, of course, added the bold words for the ADD folks)

But here’s a secret I’ve discovered: life is bigger and sweeter than whatever cool has to offer. I once thought cynicism was smart; now I know it’s just a limp safety blanket. I once thought being cool meant being relevant; now I know that relevance touches the places of the soul where joy is found, and sorrow. Cool lives only for the moment and thus cannot possibly be relevant when it really counts. …

Here then is the crossroads we face: a cool moment, or a freeing, healthy life in Christ. We can’t have both. The church’s greatest power lies in its being the “beloved community”-the supernatural community created by none other than God Himself through His Spirit. God’s love is the most deep-feeling, creative force in the universe, and the incredible truth is that this love lives in the church.

In its sharing of Christ’s suffering, and in its practice of inclusive hospitality, the beloved community displays cool’s fundamental phoniness to the world. Cool in one corner, and the love God gives His followers in the other? It’s not even a fair fight. The beloved community shatters cool’s rebellion.

And all of this from one of the coolest conferences out there! I do have to add that cool is different to different people. If cool is authentic attraction to who you really are – awesome. But we’ve got to resist positioning ourselves based on the expectations of others’ approval at the expense of God’s call. Read the article here.

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