Sharing God’s love when it isn’t easy

It’s so easy to be spoiled and satisfied, isn’t it?

I just received an update from some wonderful men and women who are serving God in a very tough country. It’s slow going. It’s not easy work, and it’s not safe. But through their work serving the people (working to build schools, open medical clinics, train nurses, etc.) and building relationships, progress is made one tough step at a time.

They say that two things have made their work effective: trust and stories. They work to build mutual trust and they share and listen to personal stories. Trust is risky, they write, but they’re being both courageous and careful – they’re building trust however they can.

I’m stirred and challenged by people with faith like this. Sometimes in our effort to “think big” we avoid the tough callings for something that looks easier – something with the potential for impressive numbers and affirming success. We need to be willing to take the slow, tough road when God calls us down it and see success through his eyes.

For this group, every woman that lives through childbirth, every child who steps into a classroom for the first time, every life that is changed because of God’s message speaks of God’s love and power. It’s not always easy. It’s not always even fun. It’s work. But inside it there’s joy and purpose. There’s a point.

So … what are we doing?

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