What really matters in church

2 thoughts on “What really matters in church”

  1. Good post Jon. My wife and I call what you are describing HYPE. And to be honest we’re just a little tired of it. Our church from a performance standard is tight. The worship time sounds like Hillsong. We always get a lot out of it. But the prayers and the announcements and the sermons all have way too much hype in them. It’s like a non-stop mountain dew commercial where everything is exciting, The Lord is always about to do something great, we should all feel pumped up for the Lord. Frankly, my wife and I don’t always feel pumped up, especially after things like the Virginia Tech massacre. Sometimes we would rather feel sad and mournful. Unfortunately, at hype-church, there is not a lot of room for that. The more we think about it, the more a homechurch that is highly relational appeals to us.

  2. I beleeve in doing everything with exellence. ..

    Just kidding. I really believe in being authentic. Excellence should flow out of authenticity. For example, it is not authentic to have a good worship service so that people will come or feel comfortable. It IS authentic to have a good worship service because in our hearts we feel it will bring more glory to God.

    Sometimes messing things up or doing a really crappy job at something makes me feel more in touch with my sinful nature, which reminds me of my need for a redeemer.

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