Yes. Yes. And Yes.

One of the things I’m learning is how to live with the tension of opposites.

I like to narrow things down and simplify them. What’s the best way? How can we improve this? What’s the one thing we need to focus on?

But sometimes things don’t work that way.

Take, for instance, church. Being in seminary and following the blog world, I hear about and see a lot of different ways to do church. Attractional/missional. New and flashy/Traditional. Emergent/mega. Charismatic/not-so.

Then there’s the theological ones like reformed or not-s0.

Honestly, I think some ways are better than others. I think some are more effective than others.

But God keeps showing me something simple. He calls an individual to a place and a people for a purpose. Sure, there are some people who won’t listen and will do crazy things, but for the most part, I see a lot of Godly men and women seeking God and ending up with ministries that look very different from one another.

That’s a good thing.

It’s easy to feel a call from God and think everyone else’s must be the same. If they’re ministering in a different style with a different emphasis it must be wrong.

As Michelangelo (and Mark Batterson) said, criticize by creating. Got a call and passion for ministry? Do it!

We should be able to celebrate all that God is doing. We should see what’s producing fruit and get excited. And we should engage the world fully – through who we are and what God has placed within us.

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