Overheard on my flight…

Flight Attendant: Snacks for purchase!

Man: What do you have?

FA: Italian wraps, sandwiches, trail mix, chips, M&Ms, and a giant cookie.

Man: I’ll take a giant cookie.

FA: That’ll be $3.

Man: I could get that at 7-11 for less than $2!

FA: Well, I don’t see any 7-11s around here. Do you?

4 responses to “Overheard on my flight…”

  1. yikes…american airlines certainly isn’t getting the publicity on this blog at all are they!!!

    did they advertise to have you get a american airlines credit card on the flight? When we’ve flown US Airways the over-the-speaker ad for a US Airways Frequent Flyer Credit Card is sooooo long and annoying.

    And when I think cookie, I don’t think 7-11.

  2. Yeah, hopefully I don’t sound too negative. Just thought it was funny :).

    We didn’t hear any credit card info. It’s an interesting take to do it that way. i usually just see the ads in the American Way (which, on a positive note, is an excellent in-flight magazine).

  3. I find it amusing that for decades the running joke was how horrible airline food was. What other mode of mass transit gives you food to eat? You could be on a bus or train for days to cover the same distance you cover in 5 hours on a flight, yet not one morsel of food or drink is offered to you for free. (You can’t include cruise ships, as they are less a form of transit and more a form of theme park).
    Now the airlines have eliminated food, and created an uproar over how we’re starving our passengers. Bring your own food and enjoy fine dining in-flight.

    Tim Kirkwood, Author
    The Flight Attendant Job Finder & Career Guide

  4. HA! That is beautiful. They’re serving food at 20,000 feet! I’m surprised the markup isn’t bigger than that (after all, that cookie at a movie theater would cost $5.99)

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