Crazy drivers!


When we were planning to move from Fort Worth to Los Angeles, Grete and I had plenty of people warn us about the “crazy LA drivers.” And the first time we drove out here, it was, honestly, a little crazy. People speed around at 85 mph as a norm, weaving in and out of each other.

But this week, I drove around in Texas again, and found myself thinking “crazy Texas drivers” a lot more often than I think about crazy drivers in LA. But these crazy drivers putter along at 50 mph on an Interstate! I just can’t understand why you’re going somewhere if you’re obviously not in any hurry to get there!

I guess “crazy” just depends on perspective.

4 responses to “Crazy drivers!”

  1. were they driving tracktors on I-30? I hated those guys.

  2. HA! I actually saw a guy driving a tractor on one of the highways as I was headed to the airport. That just doesn’t happen in LA.

  3. Speaking of crazy drivers… did you see the “10 commandments for the road” that the Vattican issued today? Interesting move on their part…

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