Discipleship – for unbelievers

Check out what Erwin McManus has to say about discipleship in this video.

Here are a few of his points:

  • Christians love to be discipled, get more and more information so I can know more and more about God without actually having to do anything about it. And when you look at the scriptures, what you find is discipleship is something that was focused on un-believers.”
  • Go and make disciples – focused outward. If the disciples looked at it our way, they would have discipled each other, and the movement of Christ would have ended when the eleven died.
  • “We end up having a non-Biblical definition for Biblical language.”
  • Discipling means going to those who don’t believe, investing in them and doing whatever it takes to lead them into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • “A part of leading in this new context is recognizing that the real work of discipling the nations is investing in those people without Christ and taking those who are in Christ to serve the world.
  • “It’s not moving people from the world to the church but moving the church to the world.”
  • “American Christianity has taught Christians to be consumers rather than investors.”
  • “You will be healed in serving others.”
  • Mosaic is creating movement-oriented small groups. Believers and seekers working together serving the world.

3 responses to “Discipleship – for unbelievers”

  1. I’ve liked the “discipling unbelievers” thought for awhile, but I don’t think it can be taken totally out of the realm of the “believer” – if anything though, we do need a better definition that includes the doing more than the learning, I think.

  2. For more on this topic read “The Irresistable Revolution” by Shane Claiborne. He expounds on the idea of going to the lost instead of waiting for them to come to us. It’s also drawn from his own experience of doing it and not studying about it. This book has forever changed how I view the church.

  3. i like these thoughts a lot and i especially value Rick’s comment…I think discipleship just as teaching is dangerous…but an active and mutlti-faceted discipleship is life transformational.

    we learn mostly by doing…but sometimes it’s by example and words and knowledge.

    i watched my dad buy vehicles, and he explained buying vehicles to me, etc. And when it came time to buy a vehicle i could rely on that example and teaching to do.

    But Erwin’s philosophy is dead on…we disciple those who don’t believe in the truth of God, even so they can make a true dedication to Christ with knowledge of who he is.

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