This week – a look at how we ‘do’ church

I’m taking a one-week intensive with Alan Hirsch here at Fuller. I thought a class meeting from 8:30 – 4:30 would be overwhelming and tiring, but I’m loving it! My biggest challenge is thinking critically enough to push back and engage well in conversation, because I honestly agree with most, if not all of what Alan’s saying. He may have expected more of that “push back” from the class than he’s getting … either people agree with what he’s saying or they just aren’t speaking up.

So I’ll be processing some of the thoughts from the class here. I know many of you aren’t the “let’s consider how church should be done in Western culture” types, but if you want to comment, ask questions, push back, or just discuss, dive in and let’s process it together!

(He’ll mostly be covering material from his book, The Forgotten Ways. If you haven’t read it or his earlier book, The Shaping of Things to Come, co-written by Michael Frost, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They’re some of the best books I’ve read on what the missional church can and should look like/value/pursue in a post-Christian Western society)

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