It must be a generational thing

Now that Facebook is open to anyone (not just college students), I’ve seen more and more posts by guys over that 30-35 year-old mark about how they just don’t get it. It’s funny, because I’ve NEVER heard anyone younger say they don’t get it. Some say they don’t want to waste time with it, etc. But they know why it’s there.

I have to admit, Facebook wasn’t big when I was in college. People were addicted to instant messengers, but that was about it. When Grete and I joined Facebook, we were among about 30 people from TCU in our graduating class. It’s amazing how much it’s grown. My opinion? It’s head and shoulders above MySpace, and a great way to keep in touch with some people.

So, for you older folk, here are a few things you should “get” about Facebook:

  • MySpace may have been about numbers of friends, but Facebook is more about interaction.
  • Email? Who needs it? A lot of youngsters now just message each other on Facebook.
  • It’s a great way to keep in touch with people you haven’t seen in a while. If you just have friends you currently know, you won’t really have much a reason to check it.
  • It’s a great way to get to know some of those ‘surface friends’ a little better. There’s info on their profiles, you can write something quick on their wall. You can see if they have a blog and share pictures.
  • That “no one seeing your profile until you approve them” thing can be changed, but it’s really a good thing. I know who can see my info and who can’t. People still have to be careful, but it’s much easier to manage your info.
  • And most important of all, with the status feature, I may not have talked to someone in five years, but now I can know that yesterday, they were fixing tacos for dinner. My life is now complete.

So some of it may seem a little silly to those people immursed in the “real world.” But hey, now that Grandmas have MySpace pages, social networking is a “normal” thing. If you want to dive in, Facebook is cleaner, easier to use, and more private than MySpace.

8 responses to “It must be a generational thing”

  1. I just read this article yesterday about why so many are leaving myspace for facebook:

  2. I’m not 30 yet, and I don’t get it!

  3. Ooh, so very very true. I had myspace for a while and then got tired of it and dumped it. And then a year later (a month ago) I “discovered” facebook. Manna from heaven, my friend. Manna from heaven.

  4. my mom’s on facebook now.

    kim loves facebook and interacts (spies on people) everyday. i’m a rare facebooker…usually only logging on when someone has interacted directly with me…BUT i am glad i have a profile page and am glad to have the ability to interact with friends who are best reached through facebook (like a foreign exchange student from Tijikistan who was in our youth ministry for a year, who just added me as a friend last week, and is currently living in finland)

  5. At Savoy River, we have created a generational profile that will assess what generation you truly belong to based on traits and tendencies instead of by age group.

    Visit us at to take your free profile.

  6. As my lovely husband pointed out, I love facebook. And I def. agree that it is much safer and easier to use than MySpace. I gotta be honest…I tried to help Ryan build a MySpace for the store before and it was way too difficult to be enjoyable…

  7. Was this written for me? I KNOW that I am your oldest friend on Facebook, that’s to my first friend Ryan…I don’t have all of the options on there like a lot of people, and no one my age!!!

  8. But you see, Mary Ann, you’re on facebook, which means you’re one of the hip people who gets it! So no, it wasn’t about you. I’ll check and see if you win the “oldest friend award.” I think you’ll be surprised that you’ll probably lose!

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