It must be a generational thing

8 thoughts on “It must be a generational thing”

  1. Ooh, so very very true. I had myspace for a while and then got tired of it and dumped it. And then a year later (a month ago) I “discovered” facebook. Manna from heaven, my friend. Manna from heaven.

  2. my mom’s on facebook now.

    kim loves facebook and interacts (spies on people) everyday. i’m a rare facebooker…usually only logging on when someone has interacted directly with me…BUT i am glad i have a profile page and am glad to have the ability to interact with friends who are best reached through facebook (like a foreign exchange student from Tijikistan who was in our youth ministry for a year, who just added me as a friend last week, and is currently living in finland)

  3. As my lovely husband pointed out, I love facebook. And I def. agree that it is much safer and easier to use than MySpace. I gotta be honest…I tried to help Ryan build a MySpace for the store before and it was way too difficult to be enjoyable…

  4. Was this written for me? I KNOW that I am your oldest friend on Facebook, that’s to my first friend Ryan…I don’t have all of the options on there like a lot of people, and no one my age!!!

  5. But you see, Mary Ann, you’re on facebook, which means you’re one of the hip people who gets it! So no, it wasn’t about you. I’ll check and see if you win the “oldest friend award.” I think you’ll be surprised that you’ll probably lose!

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