If at first you don’t succeed, switch the number one more time

iphone070727.jpgThere’s an article in the most recent Newsweek about how when cell phone companies recycle phone numbers, some people get interesting phone calls. These people have had the old numbers of folks like Paris Hilton, Madonna, and Chris Rock and end up fielding calls from stars like Antonio Banderas and Gabriel Byrne.

I don’t know about you, but every time I’ve gotten a new number, the only “old number” calls I get are from people calling late at night speaking Spanish.

I’ll just have to keep trying!

4 responses to “If at first you don’t succeed, switch the number one more time”

  1. I once knew someone who kept re-dialing the “once correct” number only to end up getting the new owner of the phone. After 3 mistaken, oops I did it again, crap this is the 3rd time!! calls…..he asked her if she was single. She said yes. He said…..maybe we should meet.


    And they did, and they dated. Weird!

    How crazy is that!

    But I would of course never mind a call from Antonio Banderas if he so chooses to “accidently” call because I now have the phone number of his ex girlfriend who he feels he needs to re-connect with but now he is stuck talking to some farm raised midwestern chick who juuuuuussssst looooovvvvvvessss his work. =)

  2. Great story! I can’t believe they actually dated!

  3. That is crazy! I’m with you though, Jon, I’ve only gotten mistaken calls from rapid Spanish speakers… no Antonio calls here 🙂

  4. Spanish speakers here too…

    actually..cell phone wise, my most recent numbers clean with no recent activities.

    although where, i work…that number used to be the number for a farm.

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