My next steps (part three)

The third post in my series of next steps I’m taking after a class with Alan Hirsch. Read the first two here and here.

  • Gospels – Most of the communities we talked about centered most of their learning around the Gospels. We get most of what we know about God from Jesus, so we need to spend time studying and understanding him. It doesn’t lessen the need for the Old Testament or the other New Testament writings, but sometimes we’re guilty of focusing mainly on Paul and forgetting about Christ.Jesus is sometimes hard to handle. He’s messy. He says things that challenge how we live life. I want to spend more time embracing that messiness and integrating his words into my life. That means more time focusing on and studying the Gospels.

One response to “My next steps (part three)”

  1. Doak at our old church was an awesome evangelist, and really (I feel) knew the heart of the gospel.

    He would frequently read Matthew-Mark-Luke, and John all in the same week…and you could tell reading all the gospels frequently really juiced him up to share Christ with others and live differently.

    I think this an excellent next step.

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