Do two things well


In one way of looking at it, church exists for two things:
a message – to tell the world of God’s love. To share they have a way, a hope.
a movement – to be the incarnation of that love in the world. Here and now.

An exciting thing has happened over the past 10 years. Some churches have become really good at sharing the message of God. They decided that the greatest message of all time needs to be told with excellence. It isn’t enough just to expect people to come to us. We need to compel them to come. We need to encourage our people to invite others. We need to communicate that relevant, real, and powerful message in a way that’s understandable to outsiders.

And it has worked! Lives are changed. God transforms people and uses these messages and ministries.

But sometimes, something is missing.

Beyond the ministries within the church, very little is happening to impact the wider community. We market to get people to come in. But we do very little going.

We need to use the gifts and talents of our congregations to bless the city. Bob Roberts often asks (quoting someone), “If the church no longer existed, would anyone besides its members know or care?”

What are we doing to make people’s lives better because Christ’s love compels us? We don’t work to earn anything before God, but if we’re not working to bless the people around us, what does it say about our faith?

One response to “Do two things well”

  1. Challenging stuff. Enjoy reading your posts.

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