If you’re leading, these three things matter

A few months ago I wrote about the relationship for leaders personally between vision, action, and relationship.

The more I think about it … the more I move through areas of ministry and leadership … the more I see how the balance of these three pieces matters in many areas.

Just two examples…

I’ve found the meetings I lead need to have all three: A time of relationship or connection, a time to step back and see the big picture vision (analyze it, see why we’re doing it, how we can grow it), and a time of action (What are our next steps? What concrete things need to happen right now? How can we make them happen?)

When I’m speaking to a group, the three come into play again. Vision represents the passion for the topic. It’s something you value and believe. Therefore, it’s contageous. Relationship represents the connection you have with the people. They see authenticity. They like you. They trust you’re a credible source. And action is the less tangible piece of having a life that backs it up. Are you really living what you’re saying? Are you at least trying to?

Just thinking out loud (blogging out loud?) here. These three are really similar to the know/do/be tension we see in life – the balance between knowledge, action, and the self. We tend to focus on one, but all three need to be fed.

One response to “If you’re leading, these three things matter”

  1. Some good ideas… it got me thinking back to various small groups that I’ve been in, and I can think of various examples of groups missing one of the components suffering for it.

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