Gordon whips ’em into shape


I have a new favorite show.

Grete and I watched the first season of Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey but never really followed it after that. Well, Gordon’s back with a new show.

Basically, the blunt, foul-mouthed, perfectionist chef goes into restaurants that are falling apart and turns them around. You get to watch the drama as it unfolds.

But here’s what I love. Gordon’s a change agent. On Hell’s Kitchen he just yelled a lot. At everyone. Here, he seems to realize who to reason with and who needs a few kicks to the rear.

He also knows what he’s doing. If Gordon tells you your restaurant &$(*#^s, you know it probably does. It’s in your best interest to listen to him. So whether he says your food is rotten, your kitchen is a mess, or your management style is sapping the life – and money – from the business, you’re probably going to hear him out.

It’s awesome to see a restaurant turn around and see the hope on the faces of a team that was pushed to the brink, frustrated, and hopeless. It may be just me, but that kind of progress is exciting!

So far, good show!

2 responses to “Gordon whips ’em into shape”

  1. Okay I gotta ask this… what word is

    I grew up on the streets of Miami, yo. My street cred it huge, and assuming that each character you typed is a letter in an “innaproprate” word I for the life of me cannot think of what you’re trying to say.


    &$(*#^s back at you?

  2. Let’s just say they have different “inappropriate” words across the pond…

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