Gordon whips ’em into shape


I have a new favorite show.

Grete and I watched the first season of Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey but never really followed it after that. Well, Gordon’s back with a new show.

Basically, the blunt, foul-mouthed, perfectionist chef goes into restaurants that are falling apart and turns them around. You get to watch the drama as it unfolds.

But here’s what I love. Gordon’s a change agent. On Hell’s Kitchen he just yelled a lot. At everyone. Here, he seems to realize who to reason with and who needs a few kicks to the rear.

He also knows what he’s doing. If Gordon tells you your restaurant &$(*#^s, you know it probably does. It’s in your best interest to listen to him. So whether he says your food is rotten, your kitchen is a mess, or your management style is sapping the life – and money – from the business, you’re probably going to hear him out.

It’s awesome to see a restaurant turn around and see the hope on the faces of a team that was pushed to the brink, frustrated, and hopeless. It may be just me, but that kind of progress is exciting!

So far, good show!

Gordon whips ’em into shape

2 thoughts on “Gordon whips ’em into shape

  1. Okay I gotta ask this… what word is

    I grew up on the streets of Miami, yo. My street cred it huge, and assuming that each character you typed is a letter in an “innaproprate” word I for the life of me cannot think of what you’re trying to say.


    &$(*#^s back at you?

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