Connections happen when we rely on others

In this post, Darren Prince tells about how asking for help instead of fixing a bike tire on his own brought a small – but significant – breakthrough with a neighbor…

As people on mission, if we are the answers to our own problems, we probably miss out on bonding opportunities with our neighbors.  Why should we be the only people with resources – available to help “them” with their stuff but not need them in our own moments of crisis?  In this instance, I had to fight back my own instinct to get the problem fixed in a hurry, and simply rely on a prayer and a glance up at the balcony for something bigger.

2 responses to “Connections happen when we rely on others”

  1. Interesting ideas… the American ideal of independence seems to have negative effects for Christianity. As I think about it, Jesus was certainly dependent on people.

  2. i completly agree….often times we look for filling someone’s need to show them that we love them, and then find opportunities to share our love through the gospel.

    if you live in the USA, your next door neighbors need is probably not food, shelter, or clothing. But instead, we can uniquely intersect their lives if we can help fulfill there need to be needed.

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