The FedEx mystery

fedexguy.jpgLast week I found a FedEx tag outside our apartment complex with our name on it – you know, one of those “we missed you and need a signature” tags. I was immediately a little irked.

Here’s why. Sometimes delivery people will come to our complex, and instead of trying to dial the apartment and get in, just assume we aren’t there and leave a tag. I guess they’re hoping we just assume they came when we weren’t around.

But our entry phone is wired to my cell phone. I could let ’em in from anywhere. So I know he never even tried.

We’ve had this problem before, and last time we had to drive over to the FedEx place to pick up the package. In my opinion, that kind of defeats the purpose of home delivery.

So, we waited for another delivery. The next day – nothing. The next – nothing. Through the weekend and into the next week – nothing. No door tags. No deliveries.

I put “Call FedEx” onto my to do list.

Seeing that I wasn’t getting to it, Grete added “Call FedEx” to her to do list and actually went through with it today.

She called me and let me know that according to FedEx’s records they delivered the package the day after they left the note. “No way!” I thought. We haven’t received anything from FedEx!

So I did a little investigating myself. I went online and found they said a “JSampson” had signed for it.

That’s odd.

I saw that you could actually see the signature. This will get to the bottom of it! I looked it up.

It was mine.

So, I’m sorry FedEx. You did deliver a package. I signed for it and somehow forgot about it. I’m sure we’re enjoying whatever you delievered, even though I’m still not really sure what it was.

5 responses to “The FedEx mystery”

  1. woa…that’s really bizarre?

  2. Freak…

    on a completely different note, did you get that million dollar check I fedexed to you? just curious…

  3. Freak…

    on a completely different note, did you get that million dollar check I fedexed to you? just curious…

  4. Actually, not yet Jeff. Could you cancel it and resend?

  5. Jon,

    I have had this happen a time or two. Most of the time, they make an attempt to deliver and often just leave stuff at my door, but last week, they didn’t even try. I called and talked to them and they delivered it the next day.

    I’m glad you liked the interview with Scot McKnight. Peace.

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