Students! Think before you ask that!

Found a GREAT chart on Here’s the deal. I love a questioning spirit. Ask your questions. Explore the options. But there are some people in classes – seminary classes especially – who ask so…many…questions. Most of the time, they aren’t even really related.

I’m all for discussion, but there’s a place for it. Next time, I think I’ll just pass a copy of this to them… It’ll allow us to hear the professor speak instead of someone who’s been thinking about this topic for five minutes :).


6 responses to “Students! Think before you ask that!”

  1. you just posted that to get an “amen” from me. i know it!

  2. I could of used this chart in a few Bible studies.

  3. I love this chart. If I were a teacher I’d post it my classroom and hand it out to students on the first day of class.

    can i get an “amen?”

  4. I’m tempted to pass it out in a certain class I’m in. But that might just be tacky…

  5. Though it may be tacky, certain other members of your class (me!) would be appreciative.

  6. Perhaps it could be that we could email it to a certain prof? I will be glad to agree with Jim’s thoughts here, I might even drop an Amen.

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