Yeah, why do they?


From a review of a flash drive on I hadn’t ever thought of it, but you know? They’re right…

3 responses to “Yeah, why do they?”


    When I work at Christ Fellowship, I have to wear a Staff ID (since my office is located in the middle of their Elementary School.) Evidently I’m a big scary guy and they want the parents to know I’m not a perp.

    That ID is worn on a lanyard. Also on that lanyard I wear a 4 gig flash drive.

    How you like me now?

  2. Ok Jon.
    Ron just gave me a thumb drive to transport some of my big files to and from work. (Its a very cute red one that says, “Conoco/Phillips” on one side and “S-Zorb” on the other.) I attached the string because its very small and I could see myself losing it. I haven’t actually worn it around my neck…yet…but that string will sure help me keep track of it. I already know that you think I am a strange person (whose family you happened to marry into)…this probably just confirms it.

  3. my pastor has worn them around his neck – it doesn’t make sense to me, though.

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