Book time


I’m preaching tomorrow for class, which means some time in the library finishing up some reading so I can finish writing the sermon!

Preaching to people who want to be preachers…now that’s an interesting experience!

8 responses to “Book time”

  1. Jon, the wife and I were walking back from the Catalyst and we saw you in the library. We wanted to tap on the glass and say hi, but thought that would be a bit odd for everyone else around you. Good luck on preaching!


  2. All done! It was a good experience overall. I thought it went well, and I got some great feedback. I have a DVD of it, and I’ll be selling copies for $50 each.

    Now, if you have any scripture/topic ideas for my next one in about three weeks…

  3. I’m glad it went well. I’ve been meaning to comment that this just sounded terribly intimidating. It’s one thing to do a presentation to lay people, but for other “experts” in your field, I never like that. By the way, I’d be your DVD if it came with some choclate.

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